Expedition by Helicopter

For an Climb Carstensz Pyramid Expedition by helicopter, We use Enarotali or Timika town as a starting point. Both of them are the nearest town to reach the Yellow Valley (Carstensz Base Camp, specifically for Helicopter expedition) situated at 4300 mtr asl just below the north wall of Carstensz Pyramid.

Climb Carstensz Using Private Chartered Helicopter
Climb Carstensz Using Private Chartered Helicopter


Why the Yellow Valley instead of the Lakes Valley? Yellow Valley is broader for helicopter maneuvers landing process and considered more secure than Lakes Valley at 4.250 m asl. Problems that could be encountered is that we require a kind of helicopter specification to reach an altitude of 4,300 mtr asl, with a very experienced pilot. The climbers also must do acclimatization process in few days after landing, and cannot immediately climb to Carstensz summit.

We cannot conduct an expedition by helicopter in a sudden time, but through a long process after we receive client’s request. Why is that so?
Until now there is no Helicopter Operator who provides their helicopter merely to support Carstensz Expedition.
The helicopter in Papua region exists due to demand from mining company, government institution or Survey Company, in a short term or long term based on their contract to the Helicopter Operator headquarters that situated outside Papua.

We are as an Operator who organized expedition to Carstensz Pyramid, usually will take the opportunity to contract the helicopter in one or two weeks before or after their contract with the other party. However, although there are some free helicopters in Papua, we cannot immediately take a contract for Carstensz expedition, unless the helicopter standby at those two towns or in Nabire town which is near Enarotali, because it will greatly affect the selling price we will charge to the climbers. The helicopter has to fly without passengers’ toTimika or Enarotali and the cost will be charged to the climbers. A cost-effective price can be applied when the helicopter is standby in Nabire or Timika.

There are several small towns and villages which have an airstrip such as Ilaga, Bilogai, Beoga, Tsinga and Pinapa, and they are very close to the Base Camp (both Yellow Valley and Lakes Valley) as they are viewed in Google Earth, topographic maps and flight maps. It is very close; only need 10 to 15 minutes by helicopter to reach the Base Camp.

The obstacle is we have to bring aviation fuel to that place by a charter flight. In addition, we will face protests from local residents who do not allow Carstensz expedition by helicopter because they will not get a livelihood to become a porter as in a trekking expedition. It causes Indonesia Trekking rule out those locations as a starting point.

There is different maximum passanger and goods capacity depends on the type of helicopter and the altitude of starting point. The type of “Agusta Koala AW119 Ke”, “Eurocopter AS350 B3”, “Bell 212 Twin Huey”, and “Bell 412SP” only able to carry ±300 kg maximum load per flight to Base Camp. It is very different from the other type such as “Kamov KA-32A11BC” or a “Bell 212 Eagle Single”, which able to transport 800 to 1,000kg per flight to Base Camp.

We are currently establish mutual cooperation with several Operators in Jakarta that operates their helicopter in Papua. Even so we still have to adjust to the helicopter position by the time they are off contract. That is why it will affect our selling price to be normal or higher.

Thus a glance overview for climbers who interest in expeditions to Carstensz by helicopter, and please take a look at the following program equipped with a flight route map.


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Duration: 08 DAYS / 07 NIGHTS
DAY 02 : BALI – TIMIKA by Garuda Indonesia
DAY 03 : TIMIKA – CARSTENSZ BASE CAMP by Helicopter transfer
DAY 07 : CARSTENSZ BASE CAMP – TIMIKA by Helicopter transfer
DAY 08 : TIMIKA – BALI by Garuda Indonesia

At Moments We are ONLY ORGANIZE BY PRIVATE EXPEDITION OR PRIVATE GROUP for 2-3 Person Only with Special Price.
Further details about quotation, flight schedule, private trip arrangement, and more information, please contact: ndesoadventure@gmail.com

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