History of Carstensz Pyramid

An Exotic Mountain Climbing Expedition, and Inspire from Booked of Heinrich Harrer Expedition “I Come From the Stone Age” Carstensz Pyramid 4884m is a part of 7 Summits in the World and The Highest Peak on Australasia and The Most Remote of the “Seven Summits”
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Puncak Jaya was originally called ‘Carstensz Pyramid’, after Dutch explorer Jan Carstensz who first sighted the glaciers on the peak of the mountain on a rare clear day in 1623 (Carstensz was ridiculed in Europe when he said he had seen snow near the equator). This name is still used among mountaineers. Although the snowfield of Puncak Jaya was reached as early as 1909 by a Dutch explorer, Hendrik A. Lorentz, the peak was not climbed until 1962, by an expedition led by the Austrian mountaineer Heinrich Harrer (of Seven Years in Tibet fame) with three friends, Temple, Kippax and Huizenga and Heinrich Harrer became the first foreigner to reach the peak. His book, I Come From the Stone Age, provides excellent reading about climbing Carstensz and other peaks in the area as well as his experiences while living with the Dani People.

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